Packaging Materials

Anlit Asia produces a wide variety of packaging for consumer and industrial products such as corrogated card boxes, aluminium cans and industrial components. Included in these packaging solutions are a number of innovative ideas that offer additional functionality such as protection against both damp and dry conditions, light, dirt and pressure. Other options include track-and-trace, easy-open features and re-closeabilty.

For the presentation of your products, Anlit Asia offers traditional blister packaging with or without hanger holes. Ask us about differentiating your brand with standing blister packs, portion packaging and multi-pack configurations. Depending on your product, you might also want to explore packaging with vacuum or modified atmosphere (MAP). Anlit Asia’s packaging experts are ready to help you design the perfect solution for your product.

We offer you the most attractive and complete packaging range for consumer products. All our packages offer consumer convenience, easy opening, optimal shelf life – and the ability to give your brand maximum exposure. They protect flavours, protect brands, and protect the environment.